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Our full school uniform policy can be read here:

Uniform Policy

Please note:

Uniform- A logo is not compulsary on sweatshirts and cardigans and children may wear black or grey trousers and skirts. 

Jewellery - No jewellery is to be worn to school, except small stud earrings (which must be removed for PE and swimming).  Hoop earrings and larger studs can be very dangerous and are unsuitable for school, as are necklaces, rings or bracelets.

Hair - Please make sure hair is tied back away from the face, hairstyles are appropriate and only green,black and white accessories are worn.

Hijabs- As a school, we are happy for pupils to wear a hijab as part of their religious dress; however, we do have the following requirements: 

1. Hijabs must be easily removed and replaced by the child, 

2.  Hijabs must be removed for PE,

3.  Hijabs should be made of green fabric, to match school uniform     .

All articles of clothing, including shoes, must be clearly labelled with your child's name.  It is important that shoes, especially trainers, be marked.    

Our Uniform Retailers:

Ricky's Fashions

Specialists in School Wear

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Luton, The Mall


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J S Sports

School Outfitter in Luton

22 Neville Road


Beds LU3 2JQ


Uniform Exchange

Free uniform swap in Luton:


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