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Ferrars Junior School

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Eco Schools

The Eco Team are looking forward to making a difference to our school and to the planet!

The Team 2023 -2024

Hafsa (Year 6) Vincent (Year 6) Samee (Year 5) Keanu (Year 5)
Aroush (Year 5) Kaliyah (Year 5) Thuwarak (Year 5) Hanna (Year 4)
Zayn (Year 4) Zahra (Year 4) Ella (Year 4)


Spring 2023 - Eco Schools Green Flag Award


The Eco club, which is made up of children from all year groups and two teachers, worked hard to be awarded the Eco Schools Green Flag Award. Firstly, we investigated how we were doing as a school in different areas and created our Environmental Review. Following on from this, we created an Action Plan, which focussed on our actions in three key areas to complete over the year.

Through the year we worked on different projects including creating a litter picking rota, Switch Off Fortnight, Big Garden Bird Watch, planting trees, building bird feeders and investigating the water quality in our local river. We tried to keep children informed about what we were doing through assemblies and posters in school. Our website and newsletters also contained details of our activities as well as suggestions about how to be more eco-friendly at home. FEE Academy — Eco Schools

Our work involved all the children in the school in some way. In addition, we worked with outside agencies such as the Woodland Trust, The RSPB, Groundforce East and the Royal Horticultural Society.

Throughout the year we had to record and monitor our actions, evaluating the impact. We created and Eco Code which we shared with the school. We discussed with teachers what aspects of the curriculum covered eco topics and finally we submitted a full report of our activities to be given our accreditation.


Autumn 2022


The Eco Team have reviewed the environmental work we are already doing at Ferrars Junior School. Following on from that, we created a new action plan for things to work on throughout the year. The Eco Team will report to the rest of the school and encourage everyone to get involved in being a more environmentally friendly school and community!